Tag: The Melvins

Isis – Temporal

For anyone who has an intricate knowledge and understanding of the thirteen year career of Isis, and the benefit of hindsight, “Temporal” presents itself as a history of a band who steadily evolved their sound and aesthetic to a...

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Sons of Otis – Seismic

Few titles could be as apt for a Doom Metal record as Sons of Otis’s “Seismic”. The long, slow and hard approach that characterises both the genre and the science of plate tectonics is reflected in the history of the...

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Rabbits – Bites Rites

Scampering out of Portland, Oregon minus a bassist, regard for convention and a care in the world, the curiously named Rabbits have just deposited their new album “Bites Rites” on an unsuspecting public through Good To Die...

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