Tag: Noise Rock

Årabrot – Mæsscr

One of the advantages of having only two members of a band is that shit tends to get done. Look at Darkthrone and their intimidating productivity. The same is also true of Norwegian noise rock miscreants Årabrot who have just...

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Superbugger – AKU

Superbugger are the product of a collaboration of two veterans of the New Zealand noise rock scene, Antony Milton and James Kirk. Their debut full-length release ‘AKU’, released on HBC Records, is perhaps one of the spikiest,...

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Emptiness – Error

I can’t remember ever hearing anything quite like “Error”, the Dark Descent Records-released 3rd album from Belgian band Emptiness. This is some extremely murky sound, a mash-up of noise rock, death and black metal....

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