Tag: Melodic Black Metal

Mhorgl – Heresiarch

Ah Australia, one of the last places I would think of looking for a metal band, let alone a turbo powered extreme metal one. Prior to this reviewing foray into the outback, the only Aussie band of the metallic persuasion that I...

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Naglfar – Téras

Sweden’s Naglfar stand on the verge of their first full length record in five years with “Téras”. Taking their name from legends of old, Naglfar the name given to the ship wrought of dead men’s nails...

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Taake – Noregs Vaapen

As the nights are drawing in and we face the prospect of a grim and frostbitten winter- or at least a chilly and slushy one-what better way to prepare for the dark months ahead than switching on a slice of Taake and let its...

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