Tag: Dissection

Blodhemn – Holmengraa

There’s nothing quite like being battered around the head by an album when you put it on for the first time, and Norwegian black metal project Blodhemn’s debut full-length album “Holmengraa” delivers that exact...

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Aldaaron – Suprême Silence

I won’t lie to you. This album reeks of true black metal but before you salivate and smack your lips, let me tell you about Aldaaron. The French band was founded in 2004 on the grounds of atmospheric black metal. Their first...

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Nephrolith – Xullux

Hailing from the badass sounding and “damned pits” of Bled, Slovenia, “Xullux”, the debut album from the “spiritual katharsic black death cult” Nephrolith, has put the band on the outskirts of the traditional black...

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