Author: Matt Spall

Katatonia – Dead End Kings

I will make no secret of my love for Katatonia. For a few years, I diligently collected splinters as I sat on the fence, wondering whether the Swedish purveyors of gritty misery were entirely for me. However, a combination of...

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H.E.A.T – Address The Nation

If you’d have told me ten years ago that I’d be enjoying music of the melodic hard rock variety quite so much, I’d have looked at you as if you’d gone mad. It’s true that, as an early teenager, my musical path began with the...

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I Am I – Event Horizon

What do you do when you find yourself no longer in a band? Moreover, what if that band, like them or loathe them, has become one of the biggest names in the world of Power metal, touring the globe in a blur of wailing guitars...

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