Author: John Muskett

Evoken – Atra Mors

Inescapable emotion is the order of the day for Evoken. Anyone familiar with the bands earlier work will be aware of the unrelenting melancholy that permeates every aspect of their work and with “Atra Mors”, Evoken...

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Kråke – Conquering Death

It’s hard to know where to start with a band that name checks Bal-Sagoth as one of their inspirations, look like Behemoth on a lower budget and have a band member called “Dr-Horror”. Let’s start with the obvious then. This is a...

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Necrovation – Necrovation

Blistering slabs of death worshipping metal issue forth on this, Necovation’s second, eponymous work of ancient ritualistic metal. Hailing from Sweden, lineage is clear with hints of Watain, Dissection, Unanimated and co all...

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