Author: Jodi Mullen

Cauls – EP 2

Three records in and Cauls from Newcastle in the north east of England are really beginning to hit their stride. Hot on the back of 2011’s pair of two-track EPs ‘If Bored Pull Tab Marked Tab’ and ‘Crave Divan’, the somewhat...

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Taurus – Life

That the Pacific Northwest of the USA has emerged as a hotbed of avant-garde black metal shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. With its artistically vibrant affluent urban communities set against a backdrop of gloomy...

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Korpiklaani – Manala

Fans of furious oompah and cirrhosis-inducing levels of drinking rejoice; Korpiklaani are back. Of course, they’ve never really been away. With the release of their latest album “Manala”, the prolific Finnish folk...

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