Author: Louisa

Memphis May Fire – Challenger

For those of you who are familiar to the raspy sound of Memphis May Fire you will know what’s in store for their third full-length album to date, “Challenger.” Like all American post-hardcore bands this dynamic group of young...

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September Mourning – Melancholia

In theory, “Melancholia” by September Mourning is very much like Twilight. The opening number ‘Go For The Throat’ tells a dark, depressing story about drinking blood “Can’t drain the blood from empty veins, I need your life –...

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Attack Attack! – This Means War

Other than mistaking the artwork of this album to be something more…promiscuous, than what it is, this is an conventional piece of work by the crabcore candid’s that is Attack Attack!. With “This Means War” being the third...

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