Author: Phill 'Krav' Krawiec

Kyrbgrinder – Hammerfest IV Live Review

Having seen Kyrbgrinder before at the Roadhouse in Manchester, I have always known them to be a very interactive band with the crowd and at Hammerfest IV they proved it yet again. The band consists of drummer/vocalist Johanne James, Dave Lugay on bass and Tommy Caris on guitar. Kyrbgrinder play a similar style to Skindred and Rage Against The Machine which is probably the reason why they had a massive turn out for the Queen Victoria pub the scene for Stage 3. During the set, ‘Sound Of The Police’, turned out to be a crowd favourite with everyone up and nodding to the beats, some were even headbanging making quite an interesting spectacle.  Again the band interacted more with the crowd, for instance, Johanne James had the crowd chant the title of the last track and even they had a woman on the stage getting involved with the band, dancing along, headbanging and even throwing in a few lyrics now and again. All in all Kyrbgrinder set the stage, the mood and created an atmosphere for the crowd which was unforgettable. This is one band you must see on tour just for the pure talent they have and display. Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal....

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Dirty DC – Hammerfest IV Live Review

Since 1998 Dirty DC have been dominating the UK & European stages performing a tribute act to Aussie greats AC/DC. Every detail from the clothing, vocals and stage presence was exact. Even knowing the band was a tribute act, every die-hard fan and hard rock fan alike showed nothing but enthusiasm towards them that evening. The song that got the crowd really going was  ‘Shoot To Thrill’, especially one crazed fan who was swinging his hair to every song played. During ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ the lead guitarist got onto the shoulders of the vocalist and went around the floor of the second stage whilst doing a solo, it was incredible to see and most of the crowd cheered and applauded the guitarist, probably for his bravery. The crowd cheered for more and chanted Dirty DC before the concluding song; ‘For Those About To Rock’. With it being the final song every person on the stage floor and even at the packed out bar, all were getting involved, head banging, horn saluting and passionately singing throughout. As the song was coming to a close, confetti was fired from two cannons that were on either side of the stage, giving the whole set and extraordinary finale to what was an awesome and electrifying atmosphere. Dirty DC setlist: Thunderstruck Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Hells Bells TNT You Shook Me All Night...

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Pythia – The Serpent’s Curse

Fantasy/power metal band Pythia hail from the mystical capital of England, London. After demonstrating their musical talents for almost 5 years, they have released their second album “The Serpent’s Curse”, dedicating their music to their fans and expanding the story even further with tales of fantasy. The album fuses classical symphonies, heavy metal and operatic vocals to conjure up the tales. Pythia’s music has similarities with bands such as: Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation. The quintet consists of vocalist Emily Alice Ovenden, drummer & founder Marc Dyos, guitarists Ross White and Tim Neale, and finally keyboardist Richard Holland. They combine their immense talents to produce an assortment of theatrical sounds and atmospheric melodies to create an idyllic album. Naming just a few of the tracks that have a sense of quality and tasteful elements about them, beginning with ‘Cry Of Our Nation’. The intro has a simple acoustic guitar along with a slow solo ballad, in the background a drum march plays before it then folds into fast paced power metal drumming. The atmosphere is almost a sense of a battle scene, ready for glory and triumph, which gives the song a pleasant feel and an epic finish. Another mighty track is ‘Just a Lie,’ starting out with a rapid chords. The song then slows down into the verses, which have a mixture of symphonic vocals along with heavy...

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Hellish Outcast – Your God Will Bleed

There’s an incoming aural assault all the way from Bergen, Norway in the form of death metal thrashers Hellish Outcast. They debuted at last year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival and caught a lot of positive feedback with their set. They are now ready to unleash their debut album “Your God will Bleed,” through Transcend Music. The album title itself pulls no punches could and gives you a pretty good idea of what you might expect. Hellish Outcast consists of a quartet of metal excellence: Thebon (Vocals), Alkolust (Drums), Max Morbid (Bass), and Martin Legried (Guitars). The band mixes death metal style with a very slight edge of sludge, just to give a groovy tempo to the perfect guitar riffs. The vocals are guttural, with some primal screams placed in between to give a more dynamic structure. Every verse, interlude and chorus is followed by brutal ballads and crushing riffs, giving this album energy, ferociousness and chaos. There’s a resemblance in the music to some well-known bands such as: Testament, Venom and Down. The first highlight of “Your God will Bleed” is the track, ‘The View, So Disgusting,’ which has a fantastic intro that Thebon screams over, before the double bass drum beat explodes into life. The interlude towards the end has an almost progressive, intoxicating and gentle ballad, before the track finishes with the same intense verse. Secondly, there is...

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AGHAST! – Live Dangerously

A band that was inspired to form after a drinking game at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, four men put their minds together and the band AGAHST! was formed. Skip forward a couple of years and they have produced an EP, which is set for release this March, AGAHST! are ready to initiate absolute carnage upon us. Their music style is a mixture of grindcore with a hint of death metal, which is mixed with some surprisingly fast, speedy blast beats and mega chord shredding. The vocals are very powerful and remind me of such bands as: At The Gates, The Rotted (formally known as Gorerotted), The Red Chord and The Black Dahlia Murder. Most of the tracks begin with wild and insane blast chords, which have a first-rate approach to technical styles and variety. Approaching with this style, the band has made sure that nothing is missed and every detail has been carefully understood for the majority of the tracks. The band comprises of four members James ‘Anger’ Anson (Vocals), Christiaan Verheij Van-Wijk, (Guitar), Dan ‘Danthrax’ Henderson (Bass) and last of all Nick Plews (Drums). Each member punishes the sound waves with unbelievable mixes and persistent energy throughout. For example, the track ‘Look Alive’ starts off with a wild drum blast then following along-side are the dominant guitar chords, which gel together to give a penetrating...

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