Author: Kat Papakyriacou

I Divide – Last One Standing

Exeter may not initially strike you as a “music Mecca”, but on further inspection we found that quite a few highly regarded musicians were born here and influential bands were formed here (most notably it was where Radiohead were born). It was also the birth place of Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, but we wont hold that against it. I Divide are the latest band to attempt to put Exeter on the map, and what a crazy few years it’s been for this Devonshire quintet. “Last One Standing” follows on from 2011’s ‘mini-album’ release “What’s Worth More,” since then we have...

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Chris Cornell – Songbook

Chris Cornell is a hugely successful musician with over twenty years of musical history to his name. As the vocalist of Soundgarden, the band at the forefront of Subpop’s “Grunge” movement, to breaking down all barriers with the unexpected release of an urban dance-pop album where he collaborated with prestigious hip-hop/R&B producer, Timberland. Chris Cornell seems to relish on never being restrained by genre, trends, style or time. This is highly evident on his fourth solo release, “Songbook”. “Songbook” is Chris Cornell laid bare, stripped of any fancy equipment and relying on nothing but a voice and an acoustic guitar. There really is no margin for error here. No other musicians to cover any mistakes. This could be spectacular, or show the World that Chris Cornell no longer has what it takes to stand out vocally. Recorded on a solo tour during the spring of this year, “Songbook” is a 16-track album that showcases an entire career. Many of the songs are acoustic versions of familiar songs written by Cornell. Here work from solo albums (‘Scar on the Sky’, ‘Can’t Change Me’, ‘Ground Zero’) sits comfortably alongside songs written for the two Grammy Award winning bands the vocalist has fronted – Soundgarden releases (‘Fell on Black Days’, ‘Black Hole Sun’) and Audioslave (‘I am the Highway’, ‘Like a Stone’, ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Doesn’t Remind Me’). “Songbook” even includes two songs...

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