It’s strange to think that its around eight years since I first wrote for This Is Not A Scene, and Signo Rojo’s 2011 promo was one of the first releases I covered back then. Therefore, it seems fitting that my first piece for the site for a while sees the Swedish band back with an EP that is here to prepare us for the full length coming later in the year.

End Of Tether opens with the title track, and it immediately features that heavy but relaxed guitar sound that has featured throughout their work. There is more clean work than I remember hearing before, the solo in particular shows a band comfortable in their approach and looking down different avenues. Good start. ‘Breeders’ is a little bit slower, but is still covers the same ground as the opener. It’s a familiar sound but they also have their own edge to add to it, to ensure that its not a totally comfortable ride.

This three track offering closes with the eight minute ‘Markvarding’, which is a lot more dramatic than the previous tracks on here and show off the bands real potential. Slow, heavy, sludgy riffs contrast nicely with the shorter, more immediate tracks on here. It’s dark, it’s doomy, but like a lot of the bands material, there is that punk edge, which breaks up the more melodic sections, and frontman Jonas Nilsson’s vocals flow in a similar vein.

The band are a bit angrier and more urgent that they have been in the past, and the reasons behind that are tied to the issues they have come up against and come through in their decade long existence (especially during the recording of their last album). If this is anything to go by then those tribulations have been worth it, as the band seem to have a new energy about them, and they could hopefully make quite an impression with their upcoming album.