Alt rock band MERCUTIO return with new single ‘Where the Pain Lives’ and have announced Ross William Wild as their new vocalist.

Check out the video to ‘Where the Pain Lives’ here:

A world class singer with a musical theatre background, Ross William Wild gained instant fame when he joined Spandau Ballet in 2017 replacing Tony Hadley. Now fronting a rock band with huge hooks and and even bigger sound, Wild made his live debut with MERCUTIO at this year’s Camden Rocks festival.

Ross commented: “Joining Mercutio was like boarding my own custom made musical ROCKet ship. Finally a chance to write and play with musicians that were inspired by the same artists as me and guys who wanted to achieve the same goal: To bring mainstream rock music back to the forefront of people’s musical consciousness with a bang.”

‘Where the Pain Lives’ is a riff-heavy driving rock song which perfectly showcases Wild‘s stunning voice and the band’s new sound. Wild continues: “The song is an epiphany. A realisation that some of our best ideas and most creative thinking come from our darkest and most painful places. ‘Where the pain lives’ is an acceptance of this fact.”  The band add “Since Ross joined the band, his unbelievable energy and attitude made us feel the need to go back to our roots and unleash some dirty grunge vibes, but stay true to our style. ‘Where The Pain Lives’ is the first result of this new synergy.”

The video for ‘Where the Pain Lives’ was directed by contemporary dance choreographer Eleesha Drennan.