Melodic metal/hardcore five-piece VALUES have released a video for their new single ‘Glass Hoses’. The track is the next step in the new chapter in the band’s journey after releasing ‘Alight’ as their first single this year, following the release of their standalone single ‘Hopeless’ in 2017 and debut EP Broken Nationin 2016.

Check out the video here:

VALUES are playing a release gig tonight at the very same venue they shot the video for ‘Glass Houses’. They’ll be at the Key Club in Leeds tonight and are not to be missed.

Formed in 2015, VALUES came together through a crossover of the member’s previous projectsAnchored By Avarice and Portraits, citing influence from While She Sleeps and The Ghost Inside. The quintet’s craftsmanship puts them way ahead of their time, combining crushingly heavy elements with gripping melodies to deliver a cut-throat and emotion-fuelled brand of metal.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and music coming soon!

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