In 2018 The Riven went to Madrid, not to spend time under the Spanish sun but rather curled up in the valved cellar studio at Holy Cuervo Studios. In ten days they powered through the record’s nine songs producing an album that in the words of the drummer Olof Axegärd  “Is loud, is rock, is soul, and prog, it has it all!”. The Riven will be releasing their highly anticipated first full length with The Sign Records in the spring of 2019. The first single from the album is called ‘Fortune Teller’. Produced by Ola Ersfjord (Lucifer, Primordial, Dead Lord) the album manages to merge the diverse influences of its four members into a solid unit of Rock and Roll, that will leave no one oblivious. Check out the video here:

The powerfull vocals of Totta Ekebergh starts of the first single from The Rivens upcoming debut album. The album is set for release during the spring 2019. The Riven is a electrifying powerhouse. Envision Heavy Blues Rock, focused on big choruses and mean riffs. Progressive, psychedelic and classical musical elements standing side by side with a fateful and vigorous voice. Each song like a chapter, telling tales and storys from the past and the future. The strength is strong in The Riven. Collecting parts and influences from an assortment of genres, The Riven emerges as a Pure Rock element.





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