Spaceslug - Eye the TideFormed in 2015, Spaceslug have been a very productive band in such a short space of time – debuting with their “Lemanis” album in 2016 and are already on their third album “Eye The Tide”. The band’s style, which differs wildly from the usual calibre of death and black metal bands that Poland is normally well known for; on a first time listen you could be forgiven for thinking they come from the desert regions of America. In such a short space of time, Spaceslug totally nail that infamous stoner style by the classics such as Kyuss, early Monster Magnet, and the Desert Sessions compilations to the point where one could be forgiven for thinking the smell of electric spinach and patchouli oil would start pouring from your speakers

Our humble 6 legged stoner riff machine have increased the heaviness of “Eye The Tide”, whilst their previous albums where characterised by being awash with almost dizzying psychedelic jams that encapsulated the listener in a powerful sonic blur. The opening track ‘Obsolith’ is a textbook definition of their sonic art; swirling riffs pour from the speakers in an ethereal manner that at times are borderline ambient in nature. immediately pulling the listener down the sonic rabbit hole with no way of turning back. ‘Spaced By One’ has a distinctly Kyuss like feel to it, but Spaceslug aim for a soundstage that’s more airy in feel containing a rich bass thump without total bass note domination. What’s of particular interest are the way the vocals harmonise on the album, that evokes the spirit of Alice In Chains if they came from parallel universe where stoner doom is king -made even more compelling that each member of the band contributes towards vocal duties.

‘Eternal Monuments’ lulls the listener into a false sense of security. Initially, starting off somewhat dreamlike which ramps up to a fully fuzzed out stoner doom assault that evokes the spirit of Fu Manchu’s more chunkier moments; perfectly demonstrating their ability to create a tune that has a distinct compelling structure of light, shade, melancholy, and full on roaring attack. Intriguingly, ‘Words Like Stones’ shows a darker streak that has been previously unheard that adds blackened doom to the sonic repertoire, that in parts features harsher shrieked vocals capable of stripping paint from wood furnishings. This is a somewhat subjective track that deviates from what they usually do as some listeners will get on with it, while others won’t and find it far too abrasive. Nevertheless, it certainly adds interest and dynamics to the album as a collective whole.

Finally, ‘Vialys Part 1 & 2’ and ‘I, The Tide’ return back to a calmer and more spacious approach that flows, ebbs and spirals along in an almost trance like manner involving dense layers that builds up to distinct crescendos that flows like a tide; working very effectively as album closers. It seems almost inconceivable that such a young band give the impression that they’ve been around for an extremely long time, such is the nature of their song writing and the bands ability to work such evocative soundscapes. They demonstrate a vibrant, hypnotic energy that is extremely compelling that will certainly have the listener file Spaceslug’s albums next to the stoner metal classics, without fear of embarrassing their collection.

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