I don’t know much about Snew, but You’ve Got Some Nerve is a thrilling listen. It is the type of hard rock that morphed into the Glam Rock of the 80’s, but this is a step before that happened and there was still some actual substance. Snew are the kind of band that want to look like rock stars without trying to look like chicks, you get me? Like Aerosmith for example.

Sure, you can hear the usual influences on a band of this ilk, but when the songs are this good, then who gives a fuck. These guys can all play, and lead guitarist Andy Lux is a shredder, which is all important in this musical neighborhood. It took me a few listens to think who the singer, Curtis Don Vito, sounds like. It’s Biff Byford from Saxon, and it’s rather uncanny, another plus. The band have a few moments that sound like if GNR didn’t have their punky edge! Songs like ‘Acetylene Girl’ and ‘Something New That Everyone Wants’ are the band going just a shade darker and it is works a treat. Snew also utilize piano and brass here and there to great affect further adding to the hugeness of these songs. There is no overdoing it and everything is in good measure with these flourishes. In fact, the same can be said for all aspects of their songs, even the fact there is 9 tracks and no filler stands up in this age of quantity over quality, proving that sometimes, less really is more!

Snew are great! You’ve Got Some Nerve is nine tracks of the sort of hard rock that used to be way more commonplace; rowdy, raucous, and fun. If you’re not someone who has lost the ability to just listen to music at face value and decide if you like it or not, then this will be a great way to spend half an hour.