This band is cool as fuck. Why? Firstly, the mix on this album is golden. In simple terms, they all have their tones dialed in and drums are tuned to perfection so it would definitely have been a case of just mic’ing everything up in the studio and then letting get their takes down with very little post production needed. Secondly, they do what many death metal bands cannot do and that is not let either the quest to be totally brutal or overly technical get in the way of the songs.

Apparently these four chaps have a pretty good reputation around the New England Death Metal scene and return five years after their debut was released to much acclaim. This sophomore record is going to do that reputation no harm whatsoever. One of its tricks is how easy to listen it is – There’s that aforementioned sound that neither gets muddy or too polished anywhere and then there is that Unutterable Horrors’ 8 tracks are over in 28 minutes and we all know how good extreme metal records at the half hour mark tend to be, don’t we? I found myself just letting it run round several times in different sittings, quite easily.

The individual performances are all superb with Tony Jordan’s vocals excelling. He is powerful, clear and different with a very dexterous handle on his voice. Keep in mind as well that is a one guitar band and they manage to do enough that it doesn’t limit the sound but also doesn’t too much that you know it will fall flat in the live setting. Death Metal of any style with one guitar is going to be tricky.

In the end, it’s all about balance with Schapism. They seem to do everything to the correct measure to make this a solid and highly enjoyable listen for even this, old and jaded fan of the genre. Album three should be a doozy!