Portland’s deadliest death metal band returns with their long-awaited sophomore album Disinterred Horror.  Nearly seven years since their debut full-length Oath of the Abyss and four years since their last recording, Void Manifest EP, RITUAL NECROMANCY have been honing their song-writing skills while showcasing their bludgeoning sounds at live events such as last year’s Dark Descent anniversary show and Maryland Death Fest 2018.

Evidence of the band’s evolution can be heard in the video for album track “Command the Sigil.” Check it out here:

Dark Descent Records will release Disinterred Horror on CD, tape and digital formats on May 25. Vinyl treatment coming soon.

Album cover by Josh McAlear.

Track listing:

  1. To Raise the Writhing Shadows
  2. Command the Sigil
  3. Discarnate Machination
  4. Cymbellum Eosphorous


JF – Bass, Vocals

KS – Drums

AW – Guitars

JR- Guitars