The genre ‘Brutal Death Metal’ is a bit confusing to me. I mean, sure, I have heard of it, but never really understood it. I mean, lets be straight here – all Death Metal is brutal, it’s Death Metal! Regardless of that complaint, this is the genre that Posthuman Abomination are pigeonholed into. Color me intrigued because of a couple of things; firstly, the artwork is super awesome and secondly, guitarist and composer Max Santerelli is apparently a bit of a hero from his time in another well thought of ‘Brutal Death Metal’ band called Vomit the Soul.

From what I can gather, Transcending Embodiment has a concept that Fear Factory would be proud of. There are samples from The Matrix and Blade Runner amongst other things between tracks, so as you can gather the concept is man vs machine. Although it has been done many times, on this album, it’s as chilling as it should be. Transcending Embodiment has many layers across the nine compositions, and all make you feel as if you are lost some where on the Event Horizon or the Nostromo in deep space being hunted down by something like the Sentinels from the Matrix franchise.

Now, a lot of bands that sound similar don’t hold your attention for more than a few songs, but not these Italian gentlemen, no sir. This album is nine tracks for 31 minutes and is spot-on. The riffs here are incredible, and believe it or not, memorable. No really, even when in that hyper speed zone that they spend a large amount of time in, they burrow into your head and whirl round. It is obvious that extra care has been taken when arranging these songs, because you never know what is coming next and it’s been done without losing the plot of where the song started off. Neat trick!

The drumming is super tight with jaw-dropping technical proficiency, but Marco Coghe isn’t over mechanized, and the clicky kick drum still has that all important weight to it. The balance in the overall mix between the drums and bass is so well done that listening on headphones is a joy. This is a locked-the-fuck-in rhythm section, and with the chaos that Santerelli’s guitars are causing, it needs to be.

Lorenzo Orru is a monster on the mic. He has the perfect tone for being over the top of the bands brutality and, the aforementioned musical layers. I cannot seem to find the lyrics for these tracks, but from what I can make out, they are as accomplished and thought out as the music.

The only danger I see with Transcending Embodiment being this good is that Posthuman Abomination have to try to better it next time around, but hey, that’s a great problem to have, isn’t it?