Mos Generator - ShadowlandsMos Generator’s “Shadowlands” (Listenable Records) is a banging album. The opening song ‘Shadowlands’ is a hard driving good old fashioned southern rock and roll song. It immediately hooks you in and does not let go. It’s a cross between Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd. All eight songs on “Shadowlands” are mana to your ears. It’s easily the best album of 2018. Let me tell you why.

There is a hardness to the ‘Shadowlands’. It’s the chunky fast driving guitars. This theme flows through to the next track ‘The Destroyer’. Menacing. That’s the word I’d use to describe the tone of ‘The Destroyer’. It’s a darkness that is punctuated by the drumming. Even the lyrics have an ominous tone to them. The song reminds you of the movie Death Race. There is an open road, desolate feel to this; driving fast in the middle of the night with murderous intent.

‘Drowning in Your Loving Cup’ has a great 70s nostalgic southern heavy metal feel to it. The guitars have this crisp rock sound to them. It’s a bit raunchy, but very infectious. I challenge you to listen to Shadowlands and not spend the entire album bobbing your head and tapping your foot. ‘Stolen Ages’ sounds like it could be on the soundtrack for the movie Heavy Metal. It’s smooth and multilayered. It has a nostalgic psychedelic feel to it. The first three and a half minutes are a very Peter Max stylized instrumental song. The last three and half minutes are a wonderful vocalized song that reminds you of Led Zeppelin’s “Coda.”

‘Gamma Hydra’ is a very hipster two thousand-teens track with shades of Mars Volta on this song. ‘The Blasting Concept’ builds anticipation with nothing more than guitars, bass, and drumming. There is an excitement the composition builds until it explodes into something very much Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stone Age. ‘Woman Song’ is in the pocket. The cadence is just a hair behind the beat. The drumming is strong; the guitars a wall of sound.

The album ends with ‘The Wild & Gentle Dogs’. The song begins in a lazy acoustic guitar tome with incongruous lyrics. It dives into a deep scary jungle of wicked feeling bass guitar. It’s definitely unsettling. Over all, “Shadowlands” by Mos Generator is an amazing album that is definitely a contender for best album of 2018.