Reading, UK tech-metal pioneers THE ARUSHA ACCORD are streaming their new EP, Juracan, which is released today, September 28th. Check it out here:

The first of four planned EPs, Juracan is five tracks of furiously complex yet masterfully organised riffs and rhythms, with vocalist Paul Green stepping up to impressively handle solo vocal duties. Recorded at Middle Farm Studios with Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and mastered by Prash Mistry, the band’s performance and composition is presented with profound sonic impact. It’s the sound of a band who have been through many highs, lows, with their commitment and determination fully tested, resulting in them sounding stronger and more impressive than ever.

Vocalist Paul Green explains: “We decided to title the record Juracan due to the turbulent time we had with this record, I think chaos & disorder sums that phase up perfectly. Despite the knock backs we have had and there have been a whole bunch this past year, we’re the strongest we’ve ever been, more unified and passionate about this project and excited to finish the next three EPs!”

Technical metal has evolved over the past seven years, however THE ARUSHA ACCORD’s unique approach to creating music is still hugely relevant and unmatched by their modern contemporaries. And with the likes The Dillinger Escape Plan and HECK calling it a day, the band look set to step up to fill the void of controlled chaos left behind.

Purchase Juracan, including limited vinyl packages, here:

Track list:

1.    Blackened Heart
2.    Vultures
3.    The Road (Amor Vincit Omnia – Part 1)
4.    Beneath The Dule Tree
5.    The Dark Pane


Paul Green / Vocals
Luke Williams / Bass Guitar
James Clayton / Guitars
Mark Vincent / Drums