One week ahead of their highly-anticipated new full length, ‘Mental Knife’, Hail The Sun has released a scorching new single ‘Glass: Half Empty’ alongside an official video for the track. ‘Glass: Half Empty’ provides some of the most maniacal moments we’ll see on the long-player – alternating between moments of visceral screams and mind-blowing guitars and ethereal finger-picking over which singer/drummer, Donovan Melero, shows his command of melody. The vibrant colors and cheerfulness of the video provide a striking contrast to the message and the overall tones of ‘Glass: Half Empty’ as a song. Melero says of the piece: “I’m very grateful for everything I’ve ever been given or earned. I count my blessings on a daily basis. However, I feel as though the obsession to always want ‘more’ has always plagued me. The harder it is to get…the more out of reach it seems… the more I want it. And if and when that is achieved, it’s like my mind solely decides that it’s time to crave something else. Or even worse, I realize I no longer want it, and never did.” Watch it now here:

Glass: Half Empty’ is the final single to be released ahead of the record, which is out September 28th on Rude Records and can be pre-ordered here. Sonically, ‘Mental Knife’ is the closest the band has come to realizing the sound they’ve sought since forming in 2009. The band lived largely in the same creative space for this record as they did on its predecessors, 2016 LP ‘Culture Scars’ & 2017 EP ‘Secret Wars’. However, all four members of the band have elevated their already impressive style of play on ‘Mental Knife’; pushing the limit of what is capable when walking the delicate line between intricate song arrangements and massive riffs and thundering rhythms. To realize their vision for the new full-length, the band worked with Beau Burchell, best known for his role as a member of Saosin and producing that project’s iconic ‘Translating The Name’ full length, which was a major influence on the members of Hail The Sun.

Since finding sobriety nine years ago, Melero has found himself constantly consumed with the idea of making the most of every day. Hail The Sun, comprised of Melero and bandmates Aric Garcia (guitar), John Stirrat (bass) and Shane Gann (guitar), manage both the creative and business sides of Hail The Sun as they continue to grow into one of the most revered acts in their genre. Melero has also developed into one of the most respected booking agents in rock due to his incomparable work ethic. Somehow he even manages to find time to advance his side project, the progressive rock supergroup Sianvar, which has developed a sizeable cult following of its own.

Hail The Sun Release ‘Mental Knife’ Via Rude Records On 28/09/18. Pre-Order Now:

Currently Announced Live Dates: 10/09/18-11/11/18 – North American Tour with Polyphia

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