Funeral Horse - Psalms for the MourningFuneral Horse is one of the best bands to come out of the Texas garage metal scene in recent years. During their lifetime, they’ve become known for their aggressive style, their heavy sound, and surprising twists that show that they’re not afraid to try anything, and somehow make it work.

“Psalms for the Mourning” continues this trend, bringing all the aggressive riffs, sound, style, and complexity that people have come to know, while adding some surprising twists.

‘Better Half of Nothing,’ the band’s opener, shows that Funeral Horse hasn’t lost their aptitude for powerful interludes and heavy, complex riffs. Like fellow stoner metal band Indian Handcrafts, they’re not afraid to take their time and let you really sink into their music. Each verse of lyrics is often accompanied by long interludes where the band just has fun, and it’s hard not to have fun with them.

Their interchange between faster, heavier sounding melodies and slower, quieter ones is evident throughout the album, especially with ‘1965.’ An entirely acoustic song that serves almost as an intermission before charging into ‘Sacrifice of a Thousand Ships,’ by far the album’s heaviest track. Just as aggressive as ever, it’s a signature Funeral Horse track and contains all of that Texas garage metal sound that fans have come to love.

But despite their heavier sound, there’s plenty of surprises to be found on the album. Things come out of nowhere, like an 80’s synth sounding riff during the bridge of ‘Divinity of the Wicked,’ showing that Funeral Horse is not afraid to do whatever the hell they want, and make it work well in the process!

By far the most surprising twist of the album is ‘Evel Knievel Blues,’ the album’s closer. Almost a hoe down that would not be out of place at a rodeo, it shows these guys aren’t afraid to take their creativity in any direction!

All in all, “Psalms for the Mourning” is a fantastic album with a heavy, slow, and complex vibe that is sure to give fans a new listeners something to enjoy.