No More Tours- Ross HalfinWow, just wow.

It’s taken two days to pick ourselves up, regroup and start reflecting on what can only be described as one of the most, if not the most, euphoric Download Festival us TINAS Operatives have ever had the pleasure to witness. Andy Copping, take a bow mate.

Over 100,000 bodies passing through the hallowed Castle Donington gates, glorious sunshine, blinding headline sets from all three nights. Avenged Sevenfold nailing their headliner status to the mast on Friday, Guns ‘n’ Roses delivering a three hour masterclass in entertainment on Saturday, and Ozzy Osbourne delivering the goods with both his first and final solo headline set to close the show… a festival where “Not In This Lifetime” met “No More Tours”

We reiterate; wow, just wow!

GnR Credit Sarah KouryIt’s not just the music. The 16th Download Festival saw WWE NXT providing non stop energy and action with a full size wrestling arena, slamming the full WWE impact experience into the masses. The Side Splitter Comedy Tent, Silent Disco, the World Air Guitar Championships and even Yoga; this year’s festival pulled out all the stops. It even received the Gold Award for the “Attitude Is Everything” accessibility charter. Only the second festival over 80,000 to have done so.

Download 2018, bigger, better and supercharged with atmosphere throughout, this will be a tough one to top from June 14-16 next year. Early bird tickets are available from today from the following link: Download Festival 2019 Tickets. We’ve got ours.

For those of us who want to relive some of last weekends sets, or even just to rub salt into the wounds of those who didn’t make it, highlights will be broadcast on SKY ARTS on 29th and 30th June.

As we pick up our brain cells/sanity/dignity (delete as applicable) and recover from the weekend to put our reviews together, we just want to say, Download 2018, we salute you, and we’ll see you next year.

Photo Credits: Featured Image – Matt Eachus, Ozzy – Ross Halfin, G n R – Sarah Koury