DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE have announced the return of their original vocalist Adam Grant. Former vocalist David Pear has left the band due to creative differences.

DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE have released a video announcing the news, watch it HERE:

On returning, Adam commented:
‘Even it’s been a couple years since I departed from DCF, each of us have grown into healthier people both physically and mentally which is a vital thing for any venture to survive. I don’t speak for the guys but back then I wasn’t strong enough to carry on playing the music game in the state I was in and the state the industry was in. It just wasn’t working and I didn’t want to drag everything down to this lowest point I was at but after speaking to Save and the boys recently I noticed a big improvement in our quality of life. We grabbed a drink and hashed it all out one night and after finding out that David had parted ways with DCF I had to seriously consider the outcomes of a return. To wrap up the rant… I’m back and it feels good to be back!’

Now back in original formation, the band are all set to start work on their third record.

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