Cancer - Into the Heartless SilenceWhat the hell is going on in Australia? They actually are better than anywhere else in the world for the creating amazing DSBM. With the likes of Advent Sorrow, Striborg, Lost in Desolation, and countless others all showcasing breath-taking quality, the land of sun and surf obviously can create some dark moods. Cancer are no exception in both darkness and quality.

Cancer do that particular mix of beautiful twisted melodies presented in a cacophonous noise that really sounds like a hopeless and certain death with all the melancholic atmosphere that your soul can handle. These Aussie black metal vocalists are all proving to be outstanding, and Cancer continue that tradition. The truly chilling screams on Into the Heartless Silence sound like the type that you would expect to come from down a hallway in a barbaric mental hospital, and on that front definitely match up to Wrest of Leviathan. There is also Atilla of Mayhem type strange, deep moans and croaks.

Although Into the Heartless Silence’s eight tracks clock in at over 50 minutes, there are no points of wishing time away and looking at the clock. That testament is that here, even on their debut full length, the band have made the jump from EP to LP with no compromise.

Seriously, if you are into the super-dramatic, deeply unsettling, and above all, jaw dropping Depressive-suicidal Black Metal, then put Into the Heartless Silence top of your list.

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