Birmingham, England has long been seen as the birthplace of Heavy Metal with countless bands over the years hailing from the city that spawned the untouchable Black Sabbath. Alunah hailing from the aforementioned city may be a new name to many but they have been around for over a decade, honing their skills and disseminating their doom prophecies on record and across the land.

Their latest EP, Amber & Gold, is the first release since the departure of founding vocalist/guitarist Sophie Day in late 2017.

EP opener ‘Mangata’ is a two-minute instrumental introduction that immediately sets the tone, all dials set to doom!

It’s not until the second track, ‘Amber & Gold,’ that we are truly introduced to new vocalist Siân Greenaway whose powerful prowess is evident from the first words. The track oozes doom, the lumbering riffs, languid drums and bass building a solid platform to perfectly highlight the dominant vocals.

‘Awn’ follows in a similar vein, never deviating from the tried and tested formula. Melodic, lumbering and powerful, Grade A Doom!

The biggest surprise of the EP is the final track, ‘Wicked Game’. Yes, that Wicked Game, the Chris Isaac song from the early nineties. Covering this song could have gone one of two ways, utterly horrendous or utterly genius. Thankfully, it’s the latter, with the melancholy of the original song still evident and only emphasized by Alunah’s doom philosophy. Greenaway’s vocal delivery, atop the trudging guitars and drums, fits this song so well and any skepticism is washed away as you find yourself slowly nodding along.

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