Abstracter are bleak, real fucking bleak! They’re also great, just please do not listen if you aren’t feeling very happy, because we cannot be responsible for the possible consequences.

Cinerous Incarnate is apparently a concept record about a “wretched world that is cursed to eternal twilight.” Abstracter nailed it. I felt immersed in this darkened domain a few minutes into opening track, Nether. In truth, nothing about this record even hints at twilight, more like pitch black thickness.

Abstracter, well on this release at least, are about one thing, atmosphere. No flashy playing, no demonstrations of dexterity from anyone, and no hooks of any kind. Cinerous Incarnate is all about the mood. The instruments do what they must to create your journey through this abyss. This to me shows that there are great musicians behind these compositions. There are so many layers and all tend to move round between medium to dark grey to the aforementioned inky darkness.

Its hard to give you an idea of where Abstracter lie in the musical landscape. There is Black Metal in their DNA, from the more DSBM side. Then there’s the “imagine Winterfylleth had an ugly sister who was kept chained in the basement where no one knew she existed” side. Triptykon and Monotheist-era Celtic Frost are also hinted at, whether it’s intentional is unknown.

Cinerous Incarnate is made up six tracks, two of which are a minute long, with ambient interludes that help with the continuity. The other four are the actual songs, so to speak, and all are either just under or just over ten minutes. Each one seems to get more dense and hopeless sounding until you cannot really decide which is the most comfortless and despairing. There are shards of melody sparsely scattered around that shine bright amongst the gloom. Devouring the Night is a rather astounding creation, devoid of anything other than an aura of pure desperation.

Whatever, just listen to Abstracter’s Cinerous Incarnate, because although it takes a lot of work digest, the reward is worth the investment.