An amazing show in Manchester, how has the rest of the tour been?

Thank you. This tour has been amazing so far. It’s great for us to be back so soon after just being here last November and December with Dying Fetus. We’re seeing a lot of familiar faces for sure.

Your second visit to the UK in only a few months, you obviously enjoy the crowds here?

Definitely. The fans out here are die hards, man. Each time we come the response gets better and better so in turn it makes us step up our game and really give 110 percent.

With the album having been out a while now, and having toured extensively, how has the new material fitted into the set?

Pretty seamlessly actually. There are some new elements to the songs on “Constricting” that keep things fresh for us as well as the audience. ‘Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Flesh’ is a really slow, plodding song that really fits well into the set to contrast all the fast, ripping songs. I feel the set is pretty lethal from start to finish.

Is there anything planned for the follow-up yet. I saw an interview that said Sammy (Duet – guitar) has an extensive supply of riffs and ideas?

On our downtime we have been working on songs already. I think we have two that are pretty much complete, structure-wise and another that’s almost complete. It’s definitely a head start and a step in the right direction for when we have time to focus on writing completely. There are tons of other ideas floating around so I’m sure the wait won’t be too long for a new record.

This current line-up has been settled for some time now. Has the creative process changed as the band have worked together longer?

We still like to get together in the same room and jam and write like we always have but since our bass player and I don’t live in New Orleans we have definitely taken advantage of being able to email ideas back and forth to keep things moving forward. Sammy will come up with stuff on his own and we’ll go back and forth on the phone adding input about structures and different things. We’ve become really efficient in working around people’s living situations.

It’s frequently brought up about the band being from New Orleans. That area has produced a lot of great music in different scenes and genres. What make it such a special place for music?

New Orleans is a city unlike any other, really. It’s got its own vibe and magic to it and it’s such a rich source of inspiration. There must be something in the water down there.

Your wide range of influences and mixture of sounds has lead to tours with a wide range of different bands from black metal, death metal, thrash and hardcore. How do the crowds reactions to you differ?

I rarely see too much of a difference. I see more differences when I go to different parts of the world versus playing with other types of bands. What we do, to me, is just heavy metal. There are many different elements in our sound but I think we just like to embody the spirit of heavy metal and not strictly adhere to the rules of any one sub-genre.

Finally, what is planned for the rest of 2015? When can we expect you back over here?

After this UK/Europe run we head straight back to the US for some select shows before coming back to Bristol to play Temples Festival. After that we’ll do a full North American headlining tour and maybe, hopefully, be back across the pond in November.

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