Year-of-the-Goat-The-Key-and-the-GateSwedish six piece Year Of The Goat have released the first new material since their full length debut in 2012, “The Key and the Gate”, a three track EP which shows where band is heading in the three years since that release. Their brand of retro occult blues inspired rock features much more depth than many of the bands who have recently tried (and mostly failed) to capture a true vintage sound.

Opening with a classic blues-rock influence on the title track, it becomes obvious that there is a genuine love of the more old school sound, without it is feeling put on. Next up, ’Mystic Mountain’ treads a similar path, and features a soothing mellotron backing and more than a passing nod to The Animals classic ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. The final track on this release is the instrumental ‘Non Euclidian Calculus’, which, although perfectly fine, it does seem like a bit of a waste of a track for such a short release. While this would be perfectly suited for the closing track on an album and they could have maybe used this space with another track, but it shows another side to Year Of The Goat.

Whilst there may not be anything particularly new or revolutionary about the bands sound, “The Key & The Gate” shows that talent that the band have, and prove that they have a lot to offer. Year Of The Goat have a sound that is both timeless and also in vogue at the moment. The use of analogue recording equipment and processes gives the songs an authentic feel to their sound. A good taster of what is to come and well worth your attention.

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