Will Haven - Open Your Mind To DiscomfortUnderground favourites Will Haven first came to my attention in the late 90’s when they supported the Deftones on their “Around The Fur” tour, and have been a keen follower since then. Despite never quite breaking it big, they managed a run of fine albums and high profile support slots, but before long the band lost vocalist Grady Avenell and decided to call it a day . After regrouping first with a new vocalist, Grady rejoined the band in time for the excellent “Voir Dire” album, and now this latest EP.

This nine track EP opens with the first of four alphabetically named instrumentals before ‘Soul Leech’ kicks In with its familiar Will Haven sound. Huge riffs battle against Grady‘s desperate screams, the cacophonous sound is one that they have made their own and they do it better than most of the other bands out there. ‘Do You Have A Light’ is a slight deviation from this pattern, as the guitars are a bit more subdued and the whole has a slightly different edge to it. The final three “proper” tracks are separated by more short instrumentals, but all hark back to the early Will Haven sound, crushingly heavy but still accessible enough for mainstream rock radio and TV.

Overall, it’s exactly what you expect for the main part. The instrumentals do interrupt the flow somewhat, and having four on a nine track EP is a little excessive, but maybe that’s what they meant by the title, “Open Your Mind To Discomfort”. The slight niggle aside, another set of great tunes (this is a band with a seriously good catalogue) which bodes well for future releases. Anyone with a fondness for big riffs soaked in distortion and vocals so abrasive they could strip paint is in for a treat. The new album can’t come soon enough.

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