It may not be a new, original Whitesnake album but it is a great tribute to a fantastic band. Drawing on David Coverdale‘s era as the vocalist of Deep Purple, “The Purple Album” offers a modernised and slicker depiction of some Deep Purple classics.

‘Burn’ opens the proceedings, the most recognizable song on here to those who have only dabbled with Deep Purple. This, as well as the first few songs, make it clear the incredible longevity that Deep Purple possess. Whilst the format is kept the same, Coverdale‘s vocal are raspier and lower, and the guitar playing is infused with what some may expect with Whitesnake‘s twin lead guitar section of Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra.

There should be no debate on whether the songs are better than the originals or not. What should be appreciated, however, is the boldness undertaken to challenge already written material, material already touched upon by Coverdale. There may be sections where the vibe drops but clear-cut classics like ‘Burn’, ‘You Fool No One’, ‘Love Child’ and ‘Gypsy’ receive a makeover that can be appreciated.

Some may scowl at this modernization but this may settle easier on younger ears than the originals classics would. That can only open a new generation up to not only Whitesnake but the immortally brilliant Deep Purple, but despite all the praise, it would be better hearing some wholly new material from Whitesnake.

Band photo by Ash Newell

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