Weight of the Tide - Epilogue Weight of the Tide‘s album “Epilogue” is as powerful as their name suggests. The majority of the riffs are mighty and vigorous but thankfully, as is a pitfall with many bands diving into the world of desert riffs, the album doesn’t stay in the same zone, the change is a surprise however.

The first three song are sludge based anthems, brooding and pounding. It’s easy to hear influences from CrowbarDown, and the slightly newer Godsized. Whilst ‘Stillwater’ and the remaining half of the album follow suit, ‘Turning Point’ is as it’s name suggests; seemingly a pop rock song in a similar vein to Youmeatsix. The approach the changing style is admirable and is a definite change in dynamic. However, the song feels terribly misplaced and whilst it’s not a terrible song, it’s too uncomfortable here.

As a whole, it’s a decent enough collection of riffs and though the first half of the album can feel like it’s slightly repeating itself, the latter half changes enough to brush that over. The closing, 7 minute long, ‘Fear and The Flame’ displays a greater understanding of dynamics. The inclusion of ‘Turning Point’ does shatter the illusion however; whilst it may fit the bands ambition if sounds like a misjudged attempt to explore genres.

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