Wearing ScarsWearing Scars, the band formed from the ashes of Mutiny Within and Sacred Mother Tongue are one of the most talked about new bands of the year, and for good reason, their début album ‘A Thousand Words’ is an absolute belter.

From the word go, this is an album that will have you nodding your head and grinning from ear to ear.Opening with ‘Become Numb’, ‘Stand Alone’ and ‘Butterfly’ they hit you straight from the off and Whilst the band doesn’t stray too far from the paths they have trod before, one listen to those opening tracks proves that they don’t have to. Driving guitar riffs, frantic drum work and passionate, soaring vocals are the order of the day.

In a scene populated by bands trying too hard and in a lot of cases failing miserably, it’s refreshing to see a band released a debut album as honest and fully formed as this. There is something to be said for sincerity in a scene that has been all but drowning in sub-genres over the years.

Chris Clancy‘s vocals sound as good as they ever did and they seem to be even more impressive than they were five years ago. There is a real maturity to his voice, and he can belt out a tune like no one’s business. Andy James‘ riffs prove once again to be as razor sharp as they always have been and he continues to show why he is one of the best guitar players out there right now.

”A Thousand Words” is an album that snuck up on me, and has become one of my favourite discoveries of the year. It’s an album that will appeal to a broad audience and should hopefully propel Wearing Scars to the forefront of the British Metal scene where they belong – trust me when I say this is a band that is about to take up permanent residence on your iPod playlist.


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