von hertzen brothers - new day risingVon Hertzen Brothers blends intelligent progression with catchy melody in another fantastic addition to their repertoire. ‘New Day Rising’ is a great piece of art that typifies  Von Hertzen Brothers true musical genius.

The title track is an adrenaline surging opener, casting away a generic ominous introduction, instead setting off straight away in a direction few wish to return. Whilst the whole album isn’t identical to this pace, it judges the tempo well and knows when to lift, to drop, add more and take away. ‘Trouble’ adds in more intelligent, and foreign melodies, emitting more brooding passages of play, and more intoxicated choruses. ‘Black Rain’ adopts a slower pace, and within the first four tracks it’s clear to understand Von Hertzen Brothers scope; it’s wide, and intelligent, but it’s not overly ambitious, which is made up for in it’s construction, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

The latter half continues in it’s exploration of diversity, with ‘Dreams’ providing a totally radical change from the rest of the album; it’s not right to say it’s welcome, but unexpected and enjoyable are still relevant descriptions of the jump in vibe. ‘Destitute’ culminates the last half of the album before ‘Hibernating Heart’ subtly closes the album.

Von Hertzen Brothers are capable of many things, and to make such interesting and diverse music so easily accessible is a great accomplishment. The raspy-Cornell-esque vocals lend itself beautifully, and are an often underrated aspect of the band. ‘New Day Rising’ may not be as clever as it’s predecessors but the interweaving of the various ingredients are done so at a tighter level. The title track alone makes the whole album; if you have a car, you’ll be wanting to drive it.

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