Trivium - Silence in the Snow10 years ago Trivium released their second album ”Ascendency” and announced their true arrival on the scene – the album took off and so did the band. Now we are poised and awaiting the release of Trivium‘s seventh album, entitled ”Silence in the Snow”, but make no mistake about it, this hasn’t been an easy journey for Trivium,  however it’s been a journey that has allowed them to create what is perhaps the most accomplished album of their careers.

One thing I have always admired about Trivium is that every album in their catalogue is different, no two albums sound the same. This is a band that has little interest in repeating themselves. Sometimes the changes to their sound have been born out of necessity, but whatever the case every album has brought out the best in them at the time.

It’s also worth noting that the title track ‘Silence in the Snow’ was written in 2007 and superseded the bands last 3 albums, so it is almost as if those albums were the band working their way towards this album, testing themselves along the way.

The first thing you will notice about this album is that the vast majority, in fact nearly all of the vocals are clean and melodic, which I know has been a bone of contention amongst fans in the past, but within the context of the music here it 100% works and actually helps to elevate the songs. ‘Dead and Gone’ for example has a harsher sounding melodic vocal, that is underpinned by a soaring chorus, and layered harmonies that just give you something more than it would if they just did the screaming/singing dynamic.

I have always prefered the Trivium material where Matt sings more, mainly because I’m a sucker for an epic melody, but also because I think he has such a great voice that it is nice to hear him using it to its full extent.

With regards to the overall feel of the album itself, this is a timeless sounding record. In a lot of ways Trivium have taken a similar approach to songwriting to Avenged Sevenfold  when they wrote ”Hail to the King”, and that was to take influence from more classic sounding rock and metal and weave that in to their own sound.

There are a lot of mid tempo tracks on display here, but the song writing is more deliberate and considered than it has been on previous albums, which for me personally makes it a more powerful sounding record. The musicianship is exceptional, the guitar work in particular is spot on, because it’s not about speed, every riff is carefully written and each solo feels like it is there to serve the song, rather than to show off.

‘The Ghost that Haunts You’ and ‘Pull Me From the Void’ and ‘World Goes Cold’  are the centrepiece of an album that has no weak points and truly encapsulate everything this album is, featuring some of the best playing you will ever hear on a Trivium album.

I have to point out with regards to the vocals, because every song is cleanly sung you can really hear and feel Matt‘s lyrics throughout this album, which is a massive plus point as the lyrics on here are some of the most passionate and heartfelt he has ever written and the melodies and the way he sings them, brings them to life in ways they never have before.

‘The Thing That’s Killing Me’ and ‘Beneath the Sun’ are perhaps the most throwback Trivium tracks on here, both tracks will appeal to older fans, and will definitely be live favourites, with choruses tailor made for arenas and festivals.

”Silence in the Snow” is a bold new chapter in the history of Trivium and it seems fitting that they would release an album that is such a great representation of the band they have grown into in the same year that they headlined their first UK festival.

This album will go down in history as the definitive Trivium album, an album that will surprise many, and will surely see them rise to even higher heights and fully cement their place amongst metal’s elite and it will be fully deserved.

Just like 10 years ago when they crashed the party and shook up the scene with an album that was fresh and exciting they have come full circle and released an album that is equally as fresh and exciting.

Trivium have never sounded as vital and convincing as they do here. This is a true modern metal classic from a band that rarely puts a foot wrong, and I will be shocked if this isn’t in the very top of a lot of people’s year-end polls.


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