We like Alter Bridge here at TINAS Towers, so surely we’ll be impressed with chief AB guitar acrobat Mark Tremonti (and his friends), rocking up and delivering a set under the Tremonti monicker? …

Saying Mark Tremonti is talented is a bit like saying Usain Bolt is reasonably quick, its a complete understatement, and the Sunday afternoon main stage crowd were in for a fretboard wizardry masterclass. His first solo project album did feel a little bit “Alter Bridge Lite”, and almost like some of the tracks being cuts that didnt quite make AB III, but with “Cauterize” he has put a huge slice of angular metal on the table, that really drives the message home.

Eight tracks are belted out by Tremonti and Co. Lapped up completely by the appreciative Download throng. A few sound based issues slightly blighting what essentially is a rampant showcase for frenetic guitar skills. Solid and spectacular with the fretboard acrobatics far outweighing Mr T’s vocal prowess.

Tremonti is definitely coming into it’s own as a band, rather than a side project. Messers Friedman, Whitlock and some Van Halen fella have chemistry and ability in buckets… combine that with the catalyst that is Mark Tremonti and you have something that is really starting to fizz.

Tremonti will have picked up a fair few new fans from this short sharp Download Festival set.

Photo Credit: Derek Bremner