The Jury and The Saints - The Jury and The SaintsAnthemic and cheerful. The debut, eponymous album by The Jury and The Saints is a joyful ride through the more buoyant side of punk. Slightly more an homage to the 2000s Americanised punk instead of the original British, gritty punk, it’s incredibly catchy and it’s clear that their penchant for enjoyable melodies will serve the band well in their coming years.

‘Start Moving’ and ‘Fever’ introduce the album well and though it never really changes it’s dynamic it rarely lets up pace, and when it does it’s all in all constructed well. ‘Freedom Fighter’ acts as a revival of pace in the centre with ‘Knocking on the Devil’s Door’ following suit.

The whole album is incredibly similar but given the genre, the nature of it’s ability to capture, and the short length, it largely gets away with it’s unwillingness to expand imagination and clearly is made to get people to sing along. In future, The Jury and The Saints will rarely have to change their tune and providing they can keep up the pace and integrity they can create one of the next best punk albums.

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