The Graveltones - Love Lies Dying The Graveltones emerged in a wave of two-part bands popularised by The Black Keys and revolutionised by Royal BloodThe Graveltones, however, do not match their popular success, which is a result of their decision to sacrifice radio-friendly melodies and develop an enjoyable blues tone; in somewhat irony, their name personifies their sound. They can switch things up easily enough, however, and “Love Lies Dying” demonstrates their versatility within their constraints.

Vocalist/guitarist Jimmy O also epitomises the bands name with his raspy and crunchy voice which doubles similarly in his guitar playing. He is no guitar god, nor are his vocals the perfect nuances awarded to Robert Plant, but the slack style earns the band merits in their laid back and traditional rock n’ roll style. The percussion follows suit in a similar fashion, definite talent, but never a need to overindulge or underwhelm; a solid rhythm.

“Love Lies Dying” is a modern blues album. Do not expect similar 12-bar blues rhythms, nor guitar virtuoso, instead look to ‘This Love’s Gonna Break’ to find the diversity in the music and the ability to create decent melodies, once again, given their restraint. The Graveltones‘ success is in their simplicity, and “Love Lies Dying” encapsulates their simplicity with efficiency. ‘Kiss & Fuck Off’ and ‘Come & Find Me’ show a darker side more attributed to desert rock, and grunge. ‘In the Throes’ also sees exploration into the bands roots, whilst ‘I’m a Ghost’ seems to draw on older ’60’s-era influences.

Do not expect simply a rock n’ roll album. “Love Lies Dying” expands on previous material and bodes well for the future of The Graveltones and guitar music in general.

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