The Dead DaisiesNottingham tonight belonged to six fellas: Messers Corabi, Fortus, Reed, Tichy, Mendoza and Lowy, collectively going under the banner of The Dead Daisies. With experience levels through the roof, looking at the CV’s of this lot is like reading a “Rock Who’s Who”; Whitesnake, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy and Ozzy but to name a few. But before this Uber SuperGroup hit the stage, we have a small matter of a Little Angel of a gem in the main support of Colour Of Noise… see what I did there?

Colour Of Noise contains familiar faces too, with Little AngelsBruce Dickinson taking control of six string duties, and Furyon‘s Matt Mitchell handling the vocals. These guys dish out tight classic rock in spades; riffs a’plenty with big nods to the likes of The Faces and Free along the way. These boys are definitely onto a winner, and you could do yourselves a huge favour by checking out the excellent “Can’t Take It With You” here. 2016 for these boys is definitely looking rosy.

So, the main event: The Dead Daisies. Landing on stage to Whole Lotta Love mashed with War Pigs, these rock veterans mean business. This is a complete lesson in how to serve up a huge slice of rock. John Corabi is the tutor, one part Sammy Hagar, one part Steven Tyler… and throw in a bit of Wookie for good luck. He is mesmerising, the effervescent, near perfect frontman conducting the Rescue Rooms faithful through an opening salvo of ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Mexico’ and ‘Get Up, Get Ready’.

It’s a set peppered with covers and originals, each enabling the individual band member their own spotlight. ‘Hush’, ‘Sick As A Dog’ and ‘Free’ are big tunes delivered with aplomb. Richard Fortus is on fire, his sound is huge, and meatier than bag of Beef Monster Munch slap bang in the middle of a herd of cows. Marco Mendoza schmoozes and wiggles, hanging on to the low notes with ease and charisma, forging a solid partnership with the simply outstanding sticksman Brian Tichy. I’m not a drummer, and drum solo’s are more often than not, the cue for a quick sprint to the bar, but tonight… no chance. Quite simply mesmerising… didn’t even feel the urge to quickly check Twitter updates! Dizzy Reed is no slouch on the keys either, blending in when needed, and firing to the forefront when needed. ‘Get Up, Get Ready’ is his platform, simply top bombing.

So, everything is perfect, right? Sadly not quite… The only disappointing aspect of tonight’s show is coming from the rhythm guitar corner. David Lowy is a machine in his own right, but tonight he has presence on stage, but very little in the mix for the tunes. Whether it be just the levels, or just Fortus’ meat overpowering him, he just seemed to be going through the motions. So much so, that my partner in crime actually asked me if he was plugged in, or just miming. It didnt ruin the set, or the evening, just left this particular section of the crowd feeling a little sorry…

On the whole, tonight is spot on. This lot are tight, they nail covers, and they have some superb tracks of their own. Roll on the next album, and roll on the next tour. From ‘Midnight Moses’ right through to ‘Fortunate Son’, The Dead Daisies had Nottingham in the palm of their hands.

The Dead Daisies Setlist:
Midnight Moses, Evil, Mexico, Get Up, Get Ready, Hush, Looking for the One, Sick as a Dog, Lock ‘n’ Load, All Right Now, With You and I, Angel in Your Eyes, Devil Out of Time,Helter Skelter, Face I Love, Fortunate Son.

Photo’s courtersy of Trudi Knight –