Gracing the Encore Stage directly after Blues Pills, and this weekend’s first helping of southern rock, is The Cadillac Three. Harking from Nashville Tennessee this whiskey soaked trio read straight from the Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top book of rock and they have the songs to match their Kentucky fried sound, launching their set with the lively 4/4 beat of ‘I’m Rockin’.

In case you were in any doubt these chaps are from the south and damn proud of it too. They regaled us with a declaration of hometown pride in the country twang of ‘I’m Southern’ and the equal proud lively beat of ‘The South’. This irrepressible bunch cannot fail but put a smile on your face and get your body moving. Impressively they did this whilst jet lagged and using borrowed guitars as they had left theirs back home in the U.S of A.  A new album is long anticipated after the heavy stylistic groove of their fun 2013 debut “Tennessee Mojo” and the seemingly never ending supporting tour, but they did treat the crowd to an airing of new song ‘Peace, Love and Dixie’ – which is the definition of earworm.

Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Neil Mason all performed the main stage with huge amounts of swagger and cocksure confidence complete with talent, and songs that you cannot help but jive to.

The Cadillac Three – Official Website

Photo Credit: Scott Salt/Download 2015