TesseracT - PolarisTesseracT are wondrously talented. Their 2013 release “Altered State” was arguably their most remarkable release to date. The pressure to create something equally incredible, or to even come close, would hurt many bands but much like their music TesseracT are calm, collected, precise yet a titanic force to be reckoned with.

“Polaris” follows a similar vein to its predecessor and whilst it can appear to be a smooth and methodical affair, it is not without its barbaric complexities and penchant for brutality. ‘Dystopia’ followed by ‘Hexes’ show this songwriting proficiency; the former is a  precise rhythmical piece, before the latter demonstrates the subtleties of the album momentarily until it opens wide into the surging, manic and violent rhythmic adventures and soaring majestic vocals, from the returning Daniel Tompkins,  that arguably symbolise TesseracT.

“Polaris” is not as good as its predecessor, though it is still great. “Altered State” was on another plane that any follow-up by any band would struggle but, such is the genius of the band, “Polaris” is still one of the best things you’ll listen to this year. They reach a perfect middle ground on “Polaris” that fans of djent, metal, progressive rock and fans of music in general can appreciate. “Polaris” betters its older siblings in that it’s probably more accessible for those un-blooded in this area of music.

TesseracT can create marvellous melodies, and soundscapes that can be listened to is one continuous passage of play. “Polaris” is short of a masterpiece, but it is still far more exceptional that what many musicians can muster. It just lacks that edge of pure astonishment and euphoria that could make it one of the best ever.

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