Status Quo tour poster2013 brought us the long-awaited reunion of the original frantic four line up and the subsequent sold out tour. 2014 brought us two things; the laughable b movie Bula Bula Quo and soundtrack album, and “Aquostic” – a surprisingly great acoustic covers album complete with mentally scarring front cover. After the successful unplugged tour of said album, they returned to their bread and butter – rocking out their back catalogue. The current tour is in conjunction with yet another compilation album, this one entitled “The Definitive Hits”.

Tonight’s support Wilko is undergoing a new leash of life, having discovered a few years back he had cancer and that his days were numbered. He made the rather brilliant record “Going Back Home” in collaboration with Roger Daltrey last year believing it was his swansong, thankfully it wasn’t. He started the night off very promptly, his no-nonsense approach let his music do the talking. We were regaled with a mix of Dr Feelgood and his solo work, including ‘Sneaking Suspicion’ and ‘Everybody’s Carrying a Gun’. The set was short and sweet, with Wilko shuffling across the stage in his customarily jerky fashion. Although you do feel his brand of power trio pub rock is more suited to cosy clubs rather than expansive arenas.

The well oiled machine that is Status Quo were as impeccable as always. Everything ran like clockwork, from the opening salvo of ‘Caroline’, to the statutory Chuck Berry finale. Everything had an outing, from the chart hits of ‘Down Down’, ‘Whatever You Want’ and their ilk to the slower, fan favourites like ‘Gerundula’. The former even managed to get the greying concert goers out of their seats and jumping along! Fingers twirled around in unison to their snappy 1983 cover version ‘The Wanderer’. Vocal chords even got a work out, with a mass ‘sing’ along to their cringeworthy pop hit ‘In The Army Now’. Their well rehearsed stage show went down a treat, with Francis Rossi the natural showman once again.

Blasting through their huge back catalogue Status Quo are back to doing what they do best, providing a comfortingly familiar yet exciting nights entertainment.

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