Soulfly - ArchangelSoulfly are one of the most recognisable names in metal. No small feat when you consider the project started as just Max Cavalera and a 4 track recorder. But over the course of 10 studio albums and countless lineup changes, they have grown to become one of the most reliable yet occasionally surprising bands in the metal world.

Especially in the bands latter years with the shedding of their world music influences and the increased focus on being a straight thrash/groove metal band, they have released some of their best work. ”Archangel” carries this theme forward and is perhaps the bands heaviest album yet. Album opener ‘We Sold Our Souls to Metal’ is a classic Soulfly cut, and I’m almost positive it is going to be a live favourite as it was designed to make crowds go batshit mental.

It’s perhaps some of the deeper cuts on the album that pack the most punch, ‘Live Life Hard!’ Featuring Matt Young from King Parrot has massive punk influences and could be a lost Nailbomb track, whereas the triumvirate of ‘Bethlehem’s Blood’, ‘Titans’ and ‘Deceiver’ call back to the ‘Beneath the Remains’ days of Sepultura –  make no mistake about it, this is an angry record with Max sounding more vicious than he has in years. Everything is full force and hits like a sledgehammer to the face. For those of you that thought Max was going soft in his old age you are in for a rude awakening.

”Archangel” is an album that is light on guest stars, but high on power and aggression, an album that will surprise a lot of people but shows that even this far into his career Max Cavalera is still capable of crushing skulls and penning an album worthy of his legacy, and that his old school fans have been waiting for.

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