Album art for While Sleeping Stay Awake by Sons of Huns

It’s not often I hear choruses that discuss predicting the future followed by a pretty sprawling two-minute jam session. That was until I heard Sons of Huns’ latest album “While Sleeping Stay Awake.”

Sounding like Megadeth meets Muse, Sons of Huns comes up with some pretty rad and memorable riffs while singing about philosophies like Hermeticism, Transcendentalism, and Alchemy.

This comes across best in the eighth track of the album ‘While Sleeping Stay Awake’ (the same name as the album), which seems to be heavily influenced by the famous Correspondence saying: as above, so below. The name of the song/album brings forth the idea that something is understood better when observing it as contradictory to another state, in this case, sleep and the waking world. Accompanying these thought-provoking lyrics are some pretty catchy and unpredictable heavy metal riffs that further pushes the message of two contradictory states joined together.

Even if these ideas were omitted, Sons of Huns still offer up plenty to get excited about. My favorite track, ‘Ad Astra’ boasts less of the philosophical bent, instead offering a ton of high energy drums and guitar solos that make me want to get up and jump around while pumping my fists in the air Judd Nelson style.

The final track of the album, ‘The Reaper’ is arguably one of the best tracks, with just as many awesome musical bits as there are lyrics that clearly take inspiration from Oppenheimer’s famous words regarding the dropping of the bomb (“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”). A great finisher for a great piece of work.

Despite the enticing lyrics and great musical interludes offered by every track of the album, I feel the lead singer sounds a little too much like Dave Mustaine. He definitely knows his stuff and can belt some pretty great vocals, but at times it makes me forget I’m listening to Suns of Huns.

Overall, “While Sleeping Stay Awake” is a great album jam-packed with heavy and memorable music while offering a little more lyrical thought for listeners looking for some especially deep lyrics.

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