Scott Salt  - Slash _ Download 2015Slash is a firm festival favourite, especially when you equip him with the vocal siren that is Myles Kennedy and let him rip with a complete “classics” set list. What more could you ask for? Some fella named Axl? … nah, Slash featuring Myles Kenedy and the Conspirators have more than got it covered.

What can you say about the top hat wearing maestro, that hasn’t been said already? We expect very little. His fluid playing is lapped up by Download 2015, and his presence alone probably means he could come on and play the spoons, and still get a rapturous reception.

Any setlist that contains four Guns N Roses tracks, and one from Velvet Revolver, is going to be devoured on “Classic Rock Sunday”, whatsmore with Kennedy singing his heart out, these versions are far better than any ones we’ve witnessed from recent incarnations of G’n’R… and that’s a fact.

“World On Fire”, and “Anastasia” are the picks from Slash’s more recent works, meaning guitar nerds around the arena are happily losing their shit. Mr Kennedy is no slouch either of course, and we still rate him as one of the top front men of our time. That bloke has some serious pipes and skills.

Slash, Myles and Co, came, whipped up the crowd, rocked out and left. No surprises… a job well done.

Photo Credits: Scott Salt