The basement at Sound Control was a fitting venue for this line-up, with its cold, empty warehouse look and its minimal lighting. An early start and finish, which was unfortunately delayed by bands being stuck in traffic, meant that by the time I had got in, local opening band Ingested had just finished their set and the set times had altered to allow for the delays.

Mortals were the first band I got to see, and the Brooklyn-based three-piece delivered every bit as much as their 2014 album “Cursed to See the Future” promised. Sadly cut short due to the time constraints and a couple of technical glitches, it meant a brief but powerful performance and their mixture of sludge and blackened death metal pleased the gathered crowd.

Goatwhore were up next and took the show up a couple of levels. Vocalist Ben Falgoust immediately seemed to switch from the calm, approachable guy at the merch stand he was for the majority of the night, to a prowling, menacing front man leading the band and fans through every violent minute of their energetic set. Inciting more and more pits and stagediving as the night went on, he interacted with the crowd between songs and made sure that everyone present was witness to a great show. They showed no signs of weariness or stress due to the problems getting to the venue and instead concentrated and making sure the hour they had was as good as it could be. Difficult to pick a high point from the set as it was so good, but ‘Baring Teeth Ror Revolt’ and closer ‘Apocalyptic Havoc’ both met with huge cheers and activity.

Goatwhore setlist:
Poisonous Existence In Reawakening, In Deathless Transition, An End To Nothing, FBS, Cold Earth Consumed Inn Dying Flesh, Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult, Judgment Of The Bleeding Crown, Schadenfreude, Baring Teeth For Revolt, Collapse In Eternal Worth, The All Destroying, Apocalyptic Havoc

Skeletonwitch had a hard act to follow, and despite performing a perfectly decent set, they somehow lacked a little bit of the fire that Goatwhore had showed. Maybe the recent issues that had lead to the departure of founding member and vocalist Chance Garnette (replaced on this tour by Cannabis Corpse’s Andy Horn) were still a bit fresh. That said it wasn’t a bad set at all, focused heavily on their two most recent albums (“Serpents Unleashed” & “Forever Abomination”), which once again drew the pits and stage divers. A great line-up and a great show.

Skeletonwitch setlist:
I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived), From A Cloudless Sky, Burned From Bone, Upon Wings Of Black, Choke Upon Betrayal, Stand Fight And Die, Beneath Dead Leaves, Serpents Unleashed, This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill), Crushed Beyond Dust, Unending, Everliving, Cleaver Of Souls, Infernal Resurrection, Repulsive Salvation, Beyond The Permafrost, Of Ash And Torment, Within My Blood

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Photos by Stephen Fallows.