Skelethal- Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple EntityWikipedia describes an EP as a musical recording that is more music than a single, but is usually too short to be a full-length album. With all that said, I love an EP that will grab my sometimes short attention span and by the end leave me crying for more. So, did Skelethal complete that mission when I listened to their new EP “Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity?”

Skelethal is a French death metal band formed in 2012 and consisting of Jon Whiplash (drums/bass/vocals) and Gui Haunting (vocals/guitar). When I was researching Skelethal I discovered that this is the band’s second EP of 2014, as previous EP “Deathmanic vs. Revelation” was released back in March.

“Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity” contains five tracks and has a total running time of just over twenty-one minutes. The first track, ‘Subterranean Sigh,’ is a creepy, one-minute, piano-laced instrumental; a track that would fit into any horror flick or play in the back of your mind while reading a Stephen King novel. Then when I first heard the sweet, violent, distorted chainsaw-like riffs and deep, savage vocals kick in during the second track, ‘Sabbatical Demonic Invocation,’ I was reminded of the first time I discovered legendary Swedish death bands Entombed and Dismember. A majority of the time the band fills your head with high-fueled shredding, aggressive solos and fast-temp blast beats. There are some intervals that slow down the action, but before too long Skelethal are back up to rip the living flesh off your bones. The EP’s last track is a devastating cover of Carnage‘s ‘Torn Apart.’ – an excellent way to finish a hellish ride.

As much as I enjoyed Skelethal‘s first EP, there were times it sounded like it was recorded in a steel barrel and the drums were pushed too far in the background. Well, I’m happy to report that these problems have been fixed this time around. So if you’re looking for the old-school Swedish death metal sound made by Frenchmen, pick up “Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity,” because it definitely caught my attention and I was thoroughly impressed. I shall be eagerly awaiting their next release.

Skelethal on Bandcamp