Sikth - OpacitiesBack in the day when I first started going to gigs, circa 2002-2003, there was one band I saw more than any other, and that was Sikth, who supported pretty much anyone and everyone in the scene at the time. I think at one point they were the Wedgewood Rooms support band of choice, but they were blowing people away left, right and centre.

Just as nu-metal was hitting its zeneth, Sikth were doing something so off the wall and completely different that they stood out like a sore thumb and rightfully so. If not for them many of the djent bands that people take for granted probably wouldn’t have had the chance they do now. Make no mistake about it, Sikth were and are every bit as influential as you have heard.

When they split in 2008 an unfillable void was left in the British music scene and the extreme music scene in general. That all changed when they announced their return in 2014 and came back swinging, with some truly mind bending shows. But what we all really wanted to know, was would there be new music? And thankfully the answer is yes, in the form of the bands new mini album “Opacities.”

I think for me to say I was really looking forward to hearing this is grossly understanding things and to a degree underselling the importance of Sikth and their music. I did wonder to myself what a resurrected Sikth would sound like in today’s musical climate and I must say I think they are possibly better for having the break.

Time mostly definitely hasn’t tamed them, but instead of unhinged lunacy; they have found a way to refine the madness into a more controlled frenzy, i think the shorter length also affords the listener a more concentrated dose of noise which makes it more palatable, especially to new listeners.

“Opacities” is everything you could ever want from Sikth, it’s mind crushingly heavy as well as being uplifiting and beautiful in places. It features a mental spoken word track and is jam packed with more ideas than most bands have in their entire careers. There is not a single second here that is wasted or feels like filler. Sikth have always been a special band at the very top of what they were doing and even now returning almost a decade after their last album to a scene that has been shaped by them, but that is also alien to them. They still manage to sound like the best and most vital thing around. I just hope that this means they aren’t going anywhere soon, because if it wasn’t already obvious enough the world definitely needs Sikth.

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