Sacral Rage - Illusions in Infinite VoidGreece has given the world a great number of things, from classical works of literature and philosophy, architecture and democracy to the art of plate smashing and debt building. In 2011 the group Sacral Rage was added to that illustrious list. Sacral Rage are a metal group from Athens with a rather traditional outlook on the genre. Their debut record “Illusions in Infinite Void” is a homage to the metal gods of the 1980s.

It is part thrash metal ala Megadeth and Testament, mixed in with the pomp and bombast of Hell. That is not to mention the formidable love/hate vocals of Dimitris, with a shriek that King Diamond would be proud of. His air raid siren vocals hit you like a battering ram on the mid album thrasher ‘Waltz in Madness’ – the musical talent on show here is obvious. Their sound is a perfect amalgamation of 80s metal, both of which evident on ‘Panic in Urals (Burning Skies)’ which shows off guitarist Marios’ dexterous fretwork.

They rarely veer from pitch perfect tribute, and much like the equally retro minded White Wizzard they mirror perfectly the metal gods of yore. Especially in ‘Lost Chapter E: Sutratma’ with it’s galloping Iron Maiden pace mixed in with Bay Area thrash and plenty of twiddly guitar solos. Alas nothing distinctive or new is offered but we do get glimpses of what could be in between the shrieking guitars of ‘Inner Sanctum Asylum’. The instrumental piece ‘Into Mental East’ is where the bands skill really shines, and for such a number it is relatively short and snappy – like Maiden’s ‘losfer Words (Big Orra)’.

The ample amount of talent is abundantly clear in this enjoyably nostalgic record, but the constant referencing of bands gone by means the stench of familiarity takes it’s toll.

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